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is this not literally TABS

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What do you do in it exactly? It it a game where two armies fight and you have to help your army win by fighting the opposing army? 

If so, it looks amazing!

Yes, you can play it like you've describe it. More game modes are coming (in Steam Early Access version). Also, if you want more progression (with army management elements), there will be Castle Mode later on. Check Steam for more info about game's future

mine doesnt work

I am sorry for your bad first experience. Can you please describe your problem in Discord.

Gameplay Brazilian

Thank You!

WOW great game

Thank you!

Super fun game!

Thank You very much!


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i think fun battle :D

Thank you!

I just got a suggestion for the AI system, the bots that follows you doesnt attack any enemies who are fighting you.

It fixed in 0.5.2 version xD

this was great! i was terrible at first with how to fight lol but i got it eventually! :D awesome job on making this game :D  

Thank You!

gud game

Will this ever be multiplayer? It's so fun. It'd be really cool to have co-op or team options in the future.

I'll be focused on single player mode for now. But in the for future, if I have enough resources, it might be possible ;)

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Nice, thank you Kanye, very cool. Looking forward to watching the future development.


Thank You!

Hey uhh my'n isn't loading aparently it failed finding "mono" I searched for it in your files and didn't find it either 

Hm, very strange. I'm pretty sure I didn't touch file structure after build, so all required components should be there. On what OS did you tried running the game? Please, post the error you got from the game on the Discord.

I tried to run it on my toshiba portege z830-10h and was too slow. Looks like it needs either better CPU or better graphics card.

Next version will brings ability to change graphics quality, so you will be able to lower graphics. Currently game runs on the equivalent of High Quality settings, so it can be a problem with graphic card.

I would LOVE if you addedFirst Person Mode!

That was a nice style of game from the classic, I like the view added for it too.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer

Thank You very much!